GoDaddy sucks -- even more.

Not only that the CEO is a massive 💩 but now they are silently making customers change subscriptions if they use the GoDaddy DNS API to validate LetsEncrypt SSL certificates.

They said the quiet part out loud: Google agrees to destroy browsing data collected in Incognito mode

The fact that Google has to do this tells you everything you need to know about Chrome and every single Google product.

Get !

Google gets worse.

now directly tracks users, generates a "topic" list it shares with advertisers.

As if feeding everything you do through Chrome isn't bad enough they are doubling down on selling your data.

If you must use Chrome get Chromium:

"Modern cars are a privacy nightmare."

From Mozilla: "We reviewed 25 car brands in our research and we handed out 25 “dings” for how those companies collect and use data and personal information."

• 84% share or sell your data
• 92% give drivers little to no control over their personal data
• Nissan can collect “sexual activity” & Kia says they collect info about your “sex life”. Others collect genetic characteristics.

The internet runs PHP. And we develop using it with Symfony, WordPress, Joomla! & Drupal. Didn't realize that Joomla! outpaces Drupal. Yikes.

The joy of discovering on old hard drives not only a forgotten piece of software which the Internet has no trace of ever existing, but actually two different versions of it!

And we still get asked why we "waste our time" hosting our own email servers and don't just "farm it out to Microsoft and Google". Because we value privacy.

In light of Google offloading their Google Domains business, David Heinemeier Hansson states the obvious: You Can't Trust Google

Remember, to Google you are only as valuable as your personal data is to marketers.

As he states:

"Google will eventually kill every single service you care about, if they can't find a way to directly monetize it with ads at a scale of billions."

Worth the read.

Inside Google's Plan to Kill the Cookie

To replace the cookie in Chrome and Android, Google has an offering for the world called “Privacy Sandbox." Here's an exclusive peek into how it will work.

From the article: "consumer advocates say Privacy Sandbox just lets Google and others spy on you in a different way."

And that is exactly what it is. Instead of a universal open standard Google is forcing everyone to do it their way. A resounding NO to this awful idea.

In an SEC filing, domain registrar #GoDaddy reveals its network suffered a multi-year security compromise allowing hackers to steal its source code, as well as customer and employee login credentials, The attackers also installed malware that redirected customer websites to malicious sites.

"A lack of transparency" - First LastPass, now Slack and CircleCI. The hacks go on (and will likely worsen)
Don't expect victims to be forthcoming. Their alerts conceal more than they reveal.

The downside of closed source.

gets a lot of things right. And at WMD we can attest to that. We were considering fully switching over to Vultr because they offer AlmaLinux (and also Windows) VPSes. In several calls with DO we mentioned our preference for AlmaLinux over Rocky (though they are essentially the same). They listened!

The Digital Ocean Quest Towards New Lands – Digital Ocean SEO Analysis

@benjedwards penned a great article on the frontier days of BBSes at ArsTechnica.

keith@WMD still runs 2 Commodore BBSes from his house at ( port 6400 for the Supra 128 board, port 6464 for the Color 64 board, if it is up (it is temperamental))

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